Corporate Training

Corporate Training at ARC

Turn your company into a TEAM!

Increase the levels of production, morale and quality of work while decreasing the rate of absenteeism.

Corporate Training at the Asheville Racquet Club will provide you with a planned and guided comprehensive fitness training and assessment package, exclusively for your employees at either of our locations.

There will be an initial physical assessment of the participants as well as a clear needs analysis linked to the fitness/lifestyle goals of the participants.  You will have your own designated room and space, dates and times that our trainers will be able administer a workout routine and team building activities that have been designed specifically for you.

IMG_7799Part of the curriculum will involve a monthly session whereby nutritional coaching and advice is discussed, as well as the importance of adequate sleep, recovery time and expected benefits are discussed.  The more knowledgeable the participant is on the subjects, the better the chance for optimum results both personally and for the company.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up, please contact Mike Greene at: