Top childcare services are available in a safe, clean, and friendly atmosphere. The staff has over 35 years combined experience working with children. While our objective is to keep your child actively playing so they can experience a healthy lifestyle, we also have “quiet times” to engage even the shyest of children in playing board games, arts and crafts, and storytime. Occasionally we will show a G-rated movie.

The childcare room is thoroughly cleaned twice a day for the health of our children and staff. Our facility is designed to accept children ages 6 weeks to 13 years.  To use childcare, a family membership is required.

ARC DT Childcare Hours

AM Hours
PM Hours
8:00am – 12:30pm
4:00pm – 7:00pm
8:00am – 12:30pm
4:00pm – 7:00pm
8:00am – 12:30pm
4:00pm – 7:00pm
8:00am – 12:30pm
4:00pm – 7:00pm
8:00am – 12:30pm
8:30am – 12:30pm

ARC South Childcare Hours 

Monday 4:15pm – 7:15pm
Tuesday 4:15pm – 7:15pm
Wednesday 4:15pm – 7:15pm
Thursday 4:15pm – 7:15pm
Friday 4:15pm – 7:15pm
Saturday 8:15pm – 12:30pm

Childcare Policies

  • Childcare is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The maximum capacity is 14 with a limit of 2 babies per shift, under 15 months at ARC-DT
  • Each child will be permitted in childcare for a maximum of 1.5 hours per day.
  • Children ages 5 and up will be required to wear a mask in childcare.
    Please make sure masks fit correctly to prevent your child from taking the mask off.
  • All Childcare staff is required to wear masks.
  • Temperatures are required to be taken for our staff.
  • Children utilizing childcare will have their temperature taken prior to entry.
  • At this time, snacks are NOT permitted in childcare. Drinks are allowed.
  • Parents may not enter childcare.

ARC Childcare Disciplinary Actions

A new disciplinary plan has been put into place at ARC to address unacceptable behavior while your child is under our care.   ARC will use the following methods of discipline in the order they are listed below

  • FIRST OFFENSE – Timeout:If your child is asked more than once to stop with their current behavior that is causing conflict or being disrespectful to other children or our staff, he/she will sit in a timeout for 10 minutes.  If the behavior continues that same day after getting out of timeout, the child will sit in timeout for an additional 10 minutes.  If the behavior continues still that same day after the 2nd time out, the parent will be notified and the child will need to be removed from childcare immediately.
  • SECOND OFFENSE – Removal from Child Care: On the second offense of poor behavior, the parent will be notified and must remove their child from childcare immediately for the remainder of the day. Your child will not be allowed to sit outside the childcare room, sit on the benches or be on the soccer field/track.
  • THIRD OFFENSE – One Week Suspension: Upon the third offense, your child will be suspended from ARC childcare for one week.
  • FOURTH OFFENSE – One Month Probation: Upon the fourth offense, our final step in the disciplinary process is one-month probation for your child starting immediately.

This disciplinary action applies to both ARC locations.  These steps DO NOTrestart each time your child enters childcare. The staff will be in constant communication so if your child is disciplined at one location the next appropriate step will be used at either location upon the next offense.

ARC prides itself in being a family-oriented club and therefore we strive to make this a safe and fun atmosphere for your children.