Tennis Pros

Tennis Activities And Our Tennis Professionals

We offer clinics, tournaments, parties, exhibitions, and special events.

Cardio Tennis

A cardiovascular workout with tennis drilling.
USTA League

Organized competitive team play for ages 18+ of all abilities and experience. We participate in the following leagues: Spring Adult, Spring Senior, Mixed Doubles, Singles, Combo Doubles, Tri Level, Flex Leagues and Super Seniors. The format features singles and doubles matches for the adult leagues and three doubles matches for seniors.
Intraclub League & Challenge Ladders

We run different seasons of both activities throughout the year. This is a great way to play competitively and connect w/ people year-round, without the same commitment level of USTA.
Try Tennis

USTA 6-week beginner program. These require online registration. If you have any questions, please email Dan Giammalvo at

For USTA 6-week beginner program email Dan Giammalvo at

We will reply to your email asap.

Intraclub & Challenge Ladder Contact

We will reply to your email asap.

Get to know Our Tennis Professionals

Mindy Mettee

Senior General Manager ARC/General Manager ARC South/Director of Tennis

College: University of Wisconsin

Teaching since 2000

ARC Team member since 1997


We have 11 tennis pros, available for 30-minute or 1-hour private lessons at ARC. The cost of lessons varies among professionals.

Private Lessons –

  • For 30-minute lessons, the rates are $35-$45 for ARC platinum members & $50 –$60 for non-members
  • For a 1-hour lesson, the rates are $58-$80 for ARC platinum members & $73 –$95 for non-members. We also sell packages of 5 lessons, both for 30 minutes or 1 hour.
  • For a package of 5 –30-minute lessons, the rates are between $165 –$210 for ARC platinum members & between $240 –$285 for non-members
  • For a package of 5 –1-hour lessons, the rates are between $270 –$380 for ARC platinum members & between $270 –$455 for non-members
  • To set up a lesson with a pro on our staff, please reach out to Dan Giammalvo, Director of Tennis, at

Semi-Private Lessons –

Any of our pros are also available to run semi-private lessons for adults or juniors. Get some friends together & get something scheduled with a pro!

Dan Giammalvo

General Manager ARC DT/Director of Tennis

College: Fitchburg State College

Teaching for over 20 years

ARC Team member since 2021

Lawson Duncan

Teaching Professional

Former top 40 Ranked ATP Player

Formerly Ranked top 10 in the United States

ARC Team member since 2006

Rachel Hogan

Teaching Professional

College: Auburn Montgomery

Teaching for over 12 years.

ARC Team member since 2014


Jeff Duncan

Teaching Professional

College Head Coach—Division 1

Teaching for over 20 years

ARC Team member since 2009

Alex Zaluzhnyy

Teaching Professional

Top ranked international junior player

Teaching since 1986

ARC Team member since 2001

Alex Appelt

Director Of Junior Tennis

College: UNC-Asheville

Teaching for 15 years

ARC Team member since 2013

Bob O'Brien

Teaching Professional

College: University of Redlands

National Level Competitions

ARC Team member since 1996

Jack LeGwin

Teaching Professional

College: Florida Southern College (Division II)

Teaching for over 12 years

Second Generation tennis pro

ARC Team members since 2022

Rhodri Atkinson

Teaching Professional

College: Lenoir-Rhyne, Tusculum

UNCA Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach

ARC Team Member since 2023

Matt Frost

Teaching Professional

College: Southern Mississippi, Drake

UNCA Head Men’s Tennis Coach

ARC Team Member since 2020



Pickleball Director

Cenyu is the Pickleball Coordinator and a Pickleball Pro Instructor at ARC South.

She graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education and a minor in Special Education.

Cenyu loves playing pickleball, working with kids and adults by helping them to be active learners who strive to enjoy, value, and lead a healthier and physically active lifestyle through pickleball.

Cenyu believes that by teaching pickleball to others, she is not only teaching the players just the technicals and tactics/strategies of pickleball but also teaching life skills such as respect, perseverance, teamwork, integrity, decision-making, and much more.

Cenyu teaches pickleball to all ages and at any level.


Coordinator and a Pickleball Pro Instructor

Gerry is new to our Pickleball team.

He loves to teach all levels from juniors and beginners all the way to advanced competitors.