ARC Aquatics

The club offers indoor and outdoor pool options.  At the downtown location, we have an indoor saline pool, jacuzzi, and a steam room that is open year-round.  We also offer an outdoor pool with a cabana that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  At the South location, we have a Junior Olympic outdoor pool and a baby pool that are both open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. At both outdoor locations, guests are welcome Monday – Thursday.

Outdoor Pool 

Group Swim Lessons: are available at both locations and our classes are taught in accordance with the guidelines for the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program.

Private Swim Lessons: Private lessons are available from ages 6 months to adults. We offer lessons for adults at all levels. If you want to become comfortable in the water or improve your strokes, we can help you!

ARC Aquatics Director – Greg Brown

Swim Team/Swim Club Requirements:  All swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle and 50 yards of backstroke in a strong manner in order to try out.  Those 9 and over should also have some familiarity with breaststroke and butterfly.
For more information on the swim team, inquiries can be sent to

Downtown Indoor Pool Hours

Outdoor Pool Hours:
Lap Swim: Monday-Sunday 10-11, Open Swim: Monday-Friday 11 to 8pm, Open Swim: Saturday and Sunday 11 to 7pm

Guests & Trial Pass users are welcome Monday – Thursday.


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For more information contact Greg Brown, ARC Aquatics Director at

Guests and Trial Pass users are welcome Monday- Thursday.

Year-Round Swim Club

Swim club is designed to improve a child’s swimming technique, increase their speed, encourage sportsmanship, and foster a love for the sport of swimming. All practices are held at the ARC-D indoor pool. 6-week sessions provide swimmers the flexibility to participate in other sports and activities throughout the school year.  Swimmers will be in the water for two days to improve strokes, endurance, and cardio strength. Goal setting and self-motivation are emphasized.  Dryland exercises and drills are included in the program to increase strength.

To sign up, please email

Summer Swim Team

During the summer, the swim team competes in the Blue Ridge Swim League against local clubs in the Asheville area. United States swimming rules apply during all training and meets. Swimmers are provided with the opportunity to participate in 5 meets throughout the summer in a recreational environment. This program is a great introduction to the competitive swimming world.  The summer swim team meets at the indoor pool at ARC Downtown, but when the outdoor pools are open, we utilize both Downtown and South locations.

Please contact for more information.

Water Aerobics Classes

Water Jog will be offered at ARC South, in addition to our weekly water aerobics classes offered at both ARC location

ARC South Class Schedule

    • Monday & Friday – Aquafit
    • Wednesday – Water Jogging
    • Saturday – Aqua Fusion

Did you know that there are substantial health benefits to exercising in the water??  Here are the top 10 benefits:

1. It Enhances Your Balance and Coordination

As you grow older, you can experience reduced coordination and balance. Water exercises go a long way toward helping you build stability and expand your muscle strength for better coordination.

2. Improves Your Cardiovascular Strength

The water’s pressure in the pool helps in blood circulation. This reduces your blood pressure, which puts less strain on your heart as it pumps blood. With time, you gain cardiovascular strength.

3. It’s a Low Impact Exercise

Unlike other exercises, water exercises provide you with a flexible environment for your workouts.  You don’t need to worry about falling and hurting yourself in the pool. Besides the water’s buoyancy reduces the impact that exercises have on your joints and muscles.

4. Helps You Lose Weight, Burn Calories and Tone Your Muscles

Water exercises can help you burn 500 to 1000 calories per hour.  The water massages your muscles in a way that helps tone them.

5. Enables You to Heal and Recover from Chronic Conditions

Water exercises are a great way of exercising without straining your muscles or joints.

The water’s buoyancy supports your body weight, which helps reduce the stress exerted on your joints. Besides, the movement of the water helps tone your muscles.

For older people with arthritis, having water exercises in warm water helps relieve arthritis pain, inflammation around the joints and swollen muscles.

However, water aerobics don’t necessarily cure arthritis. Instead, they prevent the condition from getting worse.

6. Water Aerobics Has Mental Health Benefits

Water aerobics is a very refreshing activity. It relaxes your brain and boosts your mental health.

Here are some mental health benefits you can derive from water aerobics.

Better sleep

It reduces stress and anxiety

Relieves Depression

7. It Aids in Recovery from Injuries

If you’re past the age of fifty, your injuries might take longer to heal compared to those of a young person.

This is because your muscle tissues are worn out and may take longer to regenerate. The good news is, water aerobics may help you recover quickly from your injuries.

For instance, if you have recently undergone hip surgery, water aerobics classes will help you build your muscle strength, which aids in quick recovery.

8. Helps Increase Your Flexibility

One of the main benefits of water aerobics is gaining overall flexibility.

Water adds resistance to the movements you make. Your joints and body parts are pulled and pushed in directions they aren’t used to.

With time you get used to this, and this increases your flexibility both on dry land and in water.

9. It Helps in Cooling the Body Temperature

The hot summer days are here! You need to pull out your swimsuits and enroll in a water aerobics class.

Water aerobics is an excellent form of workout, especially on hot summer days because they cool your body temperature.

10. Helps You Build Physical Endurance

Water aerobics is a unique way of building your physical endurance. Water aerobics is muscle resistance training that challenges your muscles.

As you continue challenging your muscles, they become stronger. As you build your physical endurance, your heart, your lungs, and other body muscles become stronger.

ARC Platinum/Gold members are welcome to host an outdoor pool party. We schedule parties Monday through Thursday from June 1st-September 1st. For more information about availability and cost, please contact Avah Smith ( to schedule a Downtown outdoor party or contact Kim Burleson ( to schedule a South outdoor pool party.


We do not schedule private parties or schedule parties indoors.