The most passionate, charismatic and engaging instructors in Asheville teach at the ARC.  Our trainers and group fitness instructors work extremely hard to give you the best possible experience and results possible.  With personal training and a wide array of classic and original classes, get ready to be in the best shape of your life!

We offer  personal training, group training and group fitness classes.  Some of our classes include classics like Spinning, Yoga, Zumba, Muscle Pump, Kickboxing and Pilates; as well as original classes like T3 (Tabata Torch and Tone), Power Core, BTTW and Ripped & Ride.  We take our members lifestyles into consideration and offer a wide selection of classes to suit your busy schedules.

Energize your workout, shape-up your routine and amp up your fitness goals today!


Whether it’s our industry-leading tennis instruction, innovative group fitness classes, restorative spa services, exceptional social activities, or even a delicious meal, every place you turn at Asheville Racquet Club there’s something to get your heart rate up. We have the best of everything, all under one roof.


Private lessons give you personal attention from our coaches, guaranteed to be the best in the business.

H.E.A.T High Endurance Athletic Training Programs

Our ability to perform and excel is largely driven by our level of endurance. It takes the time to implement endurance training into your weekly workout schedule. ARC has introduced H.E.A.T classes which are a step up from our standard group fitness formats carried out by qualified coaches. These classes are designed to push members a bit harder and make them get faster, become stronger, stay healthier and more agile than they ever thought possible.

Endurance refers to your ability to exert yourself over a period of time, with an increase ability to withstand stress, pain, and fatigue. Endurance is also directly related to our cardiovascular and muscular health and our ability to complete any aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

Members will need to acknowledge that they are physically fit and able to participate in these classes.

Coaches will be using a variety of different equipment and spaces in the Clubs for these programs.

Speed, Strength & Stability training is at the core of the program, focusing on gains in speed, power, balance, and stability.  To get information on the HEAT classes/programs undertaken by qualified coaches check our updated schedules, the FB members group page or our front desks at both locations. We have:

  • Peloton Bikes!!!!!!  2 at each club will be available for use daily by our members
  • Coach led HEAT classes – these are classes taught by personal trainers, utilizing all sorts of different equipment, pushing our fitness members to the next level; including
    • 6:00 am HEAT Circuits – 45 minute interval training classes on the soccer field at ARC South
    • 5:30 am outdoor HEAT Circuits – 45 minute interval training class outdoors at ARC DT, utilizing all of the outdoor obstacles there
    • Some of our current group fitness classes will be converted into HEAT circuit classes; the full HEAT schedule is attached!
    • TRX classes at both clubs
    • Obstacle Course Race Training – These classes will now be open to all members with no additional fees; these classes are more self-sufficient, where members will follow a workout on paper; the workout involves training equipment and obstacles that will prepare an athlete to compete in all sorts of obstacle course races

Krau and Cub Program at ARC South location

Krav & Cub is a unique, family-oriented Self Defense program where parent and child train together and grow together. This program teaches both children and parents the art of self-defense while creating a strong bond between the two. This program has been introduced to the Asheville Racquet Club South location.

Kravandcubasheville combines three martial arts into one: Krav Maga, Karate, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and uses a new method of teaching these arts by leveraging the advantage of parent’s involvement in their child’s development. This new approach enhances kids learning curve in all aspects of Self-Defense, fitness, Coordination and focus. They do so while having fun and motivating the child to be better.

These classes will be held at ARC South and are suitable for parents with children ages 4-12 years old.

Email or call 828-242-4863 for more information.