ARC Pickleball

Have you tried pickleball yet??  ARC South has 4 dedicated indoor courts in addition to 8 dedicated pickleball courts outdoors!

  • We offer “Pickleball 101” to introduce you to the growing game. This clinic is offered every Saturday from 1:00p-2:00p for $15.00. To sign up, please call the front desk of ARC South at (828) 274-3361.
  • For our ARC Platinum and Gold members, pickleball is included in your membership.  For our Silver members & non-members, there is a charge of $15 to use the pickleball courts in addition to regular court fees. Whether you have played before or not, we welcome and encourage you to come to give it a try!  It is a great sport to play with the entire family.
  •  We want to encourage non-members to come to see our courts and find a pickleball community that they love and want to belong to. Non-members will be able to use a guest pass three times per year at $15 per guest pass. After the three guest passes are used membership is required to continue using the club.
  • We have pickleball paddles available for rent at the front desk and paddles available for sale. We do not have pickleballs available to rent please bring your own or purchase some at the front desk.
  • Balls will be provided for private lessons and clinics only.
  • If you are interested in clinics or private lessons, please email our Director of Pickleball, Micheal Kinnear at mkinnear@ashevilleracquetclub.com.
  • Pickleball is something of a mix between tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Players use special paddles and a whiffle ball, and games can take place on tennis courts with dedicated pickleball lines or specific pickleball courts. Nets and court sizes are smaller than their tennis counterparts, and the most common game is doubles, although singles are also an option.
  • To learn more about pickleball please watch this video.
  • Pickleball is an easy to learn family sport and is growing in popularity.
  • ARC has Pickleball paddles that members are able to rent or purchase at the front desk of ARC South.
  • Sign up on playtimescheduler.com to see drop-in times and ladder signups.  It is required to sign up for all sessions via playtime.  To learn about private clinics and to sign up please email Micheal Kinnear at mkinnear@ashevilleracquetclub.com
  • To make a private court reservation, please call the front desk of ARC South. Please note if all names are not provided for indoor reservations only the names provided will be charged court fees.
  • All pickleball events will be done outdoors on the hard courts at ARC South. In the event of rain, all pickleball events will be canceled.  Cancellations will be posted in the notes on the listing on playtimescheduler.com.

For all other Pickleball questions, you can contact the Director of Pickleball
Michael Kinnear at mkinnear@ashevilleracquetclub.com

Private Lessons & Clinics

ARC’s Pickleball Director is available for private lessons and clinics. For any questions about private lessons, please contact Michael at mkinnear@ashevilleracquetclub.com

Rated Round Robins

  • ARC hosts multiple rated Round Robins throughout the week:
    • Please check the schedule for our current offerings to see when your level ladder is scheduled!
  • Sign-up is required via playtimescheduler.com.  Please reach out to mkinnear@ashevilleracquetclub.com if you have any issues signing up.
  • Rated Round Robins are FREE for Platinum, Gold, and Pickleball members.
  • Please see the session description on playtime for start times.
  • The format is that you will be assigned to a court with 4 or 5 players total of similar skill level. We track scores which feed into a club rating system used to seed future Round Robin.  The ratings from ladders are also the means of increasing your ratings which opens the possibility to play in higher-level drop-in sessions throughout the week.

Pickleball membership

ARC is offering a pickleball ONLY membership for individuals and for families.  You can also upgrade to our Gold membership to have access to other areas in the facility. Upgrading would give you access to Pickleball, as well as our fitness facilities (including our group fitness classes) and pools at both ARC locations.

If you are interested in learning more about these membership opportunities, please reach out to our ARC Sales Team:

  • Roger Angel (ARC South): 828-707-7877
  • Mike Greene (ARC DT): 828-335-3137

Interested in learning more about our upcoming Pickleball programming or in taking lessons?

  • Michael Kinnear is the Director of Pickleball at ARC and is happy to answer your questions!
  • Reach out to Michael via e-mail at mkinnear@ashevilleracquetclub.com, 828-808-3260

Pickleball Policies & Etiquette

  • Have good sportsmanship and respect all players regardless of skill levels.
  • Be courteous of others by demonstrating appropriate behaviors and using appropriate language. I.e. Not hitting the balls in anger into the net or throwing paddles, and no cursing or profanity especially when there are younger children around.
  • The team on the tall fence/wall side generally serves first in recreational play.
  • The default format for drop-in and open play is one game to 11 wins by 1 in order to keep players mixing and reduce waiting time.
  • Make sure your opponents are ready before serving. If you are not ready, put your paddle up in the air.
  • Line calls are the responsibility of the receiving side. You are welcome to politely disagree, but their call stands unless they defer to the other team. Unless you are 100% sure the ball is out, it must be called in.
  • Don’t offer unsolicited coaching.
  • If you are crossing an active court to get onto an open court or leaving a court, wait until the current point is over. This also applies when a playing ball rolls onto a different court. Walking behind a playing court to retrieve the ball may cause a distraction.
  • For everyone’s safety, if a ball rolls into your court or your ball rolls into another court, immediately yell “BALL ON COURT!” to prevent any players from sustaining a possible injury.
  • Drop-In Session Etiquette: At drop-in sessions, you are required to mix in with all the players that signed up. ***If you do not want to mix and play, please make a private reservation on available courts with the front desk. If more players are present than courts available, the default system is to stack paddles to play in the next open court. Winners stay and split on the court as the runners-up come off the court and stack paddles. Whenever possible, partner with someone you have not yet played with.
  • Open Play Etiquette: At open play, all levels are welcome and are required to mix in and play with everyone regardless of skill level listed on playtime. We encourage players to help each other grow and learn from one another even though some games may not be challenging or competitive. It’s about building a positive and welcoming environment that is inclusive for all levels. If more players are present than courts available, the default system is to stack paddles to play in the next open court. Winners stay and split on the court as the runners-up come off the court and stack paddles. ***If you do not want to mix and play, please make a private reservation on available courts with the front desk.
  • When making private reservations, please have the first and last name of each person who will be on the court. This is especially important for indoor court reservations, to make sure court time charges are spilled correctly. ***For example, if one person calls to make the reservation for the court and doesn’t add the additional names to the reservation, they will be charged the full amount for the court fee. For liability purposes, all names of players must e provided so ARC knows who is on the property at all times.
  • When bringing a guest, please have them stop by the front desk. They will need to have a profile created if they have never been here before. (This can take some time if the desk is busy, having them come to the desk before your scheduled reservation will give you access to the full time of your reservation.) They also need the sign the liability waiver and pay the guest fee prior to playing and will not be allowed to play until these steps are completed.