Pickleball is something of a mix between tennis, racquetball and ping pong. Players use special paddles and a wiffle ball, and games take place on tennis courts with specific pickleball lines. Nets and court sizes are smaller than their tennis counterparts, and the most common game is doubles, although singles is also an option.

ARC pickleball games are played on our retrofitted hard tennis courts outdoors at the ARC South location.

Pickleball is a great family sport and is growing in popularity.

• ARC will have Pickleball paddles that members will be able to check out at the front desk.
• All pickleball events will be done outdoors on the hard courts at ARC South. In the event of rain, all pickleball events will be canceled.
• Contact Pete Anderson for Pickleball lessons at pfanderson@gmail.com.

For all other Pickleball questions you can contact the Director of Tennis Mindy Mettee
at mmettee@ashevilleracquetclub.com